ciel dessert bar
ciel dessert barciel dessert bar

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ciel dessert bar Choosing chocolate!

(Always the first and the best choice available. A rich chocolate cake layered and topped of with our home made chocolate ganache, all set to pushing you into your heaven zone with one single bite!)

ciel dessert barRaving Red velvet

(What is it with this piece of cake that kills all of us? A choice of cream cheese or butter cream topping with red velvet cake layers, just so soft and flavourful, you'll tell us why it is so sinful to be here !)

ciel dessert barSalted Caramel

(Not too sweet, not too sour a balance with our chocolate base and elements of caramel in the layers, topping off with more caramel and chocolate ganache)

ciel dessert barMore of Mango

(A seasonal delight, mango in every bite. Mango cake with mango buttercream. Yum!)

ciel dessert barNutella Nuisnace

(Eating Nutella by itself ? Imagine having it in a cake, between the layers of buttercream and topping it off!! Did we just say too much? Naa, Nutella is never too much!)

ciel dessert barOscar Feels Oreo

(Choice of chocolate or vanilla cake and fill it with your favourite cookies and cream and ta - da, love in the form of cake. Our favourite!)

ciel dessert barFresh fruit

(Health and indulgence? Add cake and fruits just with a little cream though. Absolute melt in the mouth. Promise.)

ciel dessert barChocolate + Berries

(Chocolate cake layers, add ganache, berries of your choice and top off with more berries. Result, satisfaction beyond belief!)

ciel dessert barVanilla Sprinkles

(Our little sponge cake and basic buttercream come with a delight on their face with the overload of sprinkles on your cake. What you saying!)

ciel dessert barOld School Butterscotch

(Straight to the point. Layers of vanilla cake topped off with caramel nuts, caramel and more nuts in every layer. * Drool* . Sorry, not sorry!)

ciel dessert barBanana Blast

( The best kept to the last, the softest layer of banana cake is one cool thing but imagine topping it off with some delicious white chocolate and biting into it. Imagine!)

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