ciel dessert bar
ciel dessert barciel dessert bar




1. CupcakeHugs


Hello there!

What the hell am I doing here ? Is this for REAL? Like no joke! FREAKING BIG TIME and just cannot believe I am actually writing this out. Wait before that, you need to know this is for well everybody who doesn’t. This is Udaya Sri Puli , mostly called Udaya for all the sane people but all the insane (also called best friends ;/) call me ANYTHING that actually comes to their mind , no matter where we are. Public places including theatres, public toilets, clubs, restaurants yes officially been kicked out of each of those places in different situations. So now, Hello there ! *closing eyes*

Why am I here ?

I love writing ! You will soon see why. So for a living I run a cupcake food truck in Hyderabad, which serves all kinds of desserts and is actually a to-go dessert place for all the lovely dessert admirers. Kick starting Ciel – Dessert Bar which by the way means “heaven “ in French started on 5th February 2015 and I absolutely CANNOT believe its been over a year since this beauty happened. So with all the hardships that we have come across with this baby venture of mine, we are now launching our website where you get to see our product list, location of the truck and a super new feature of ordering online! YAY!

In line with all this beautiful additions, you will see a lot more of me here, blabbing everything I want to twice a week about EVERYTHING starting from food to weekend getaways to laughs to crazy ideas to sarcasm at a rage (Wait sarcasm? In the blood bro. In the blood, cant hep! ) to women empowerment to personal opinions on making the world a better place. Everything! One thing at a time. C’mon dude I dint spend so much on this website just so you get to see more of the cupcakes, you got more beauty to watch out for! (:P)

So disclaimers be like, watch out for some super fun writings, a LOT of laughs, maybe some singing, my best friends pushing their large noses into this, I just cannot promise what non sense might be here. But as long as you enjoy it, you are ALWAYS welcome otherwise I completely understand ‘cause I have been there and done that other part in different situations. Hope we cross each other’s path at some point in this journey.

Stay as happy as you can, if not drop in at our store cause Ciel is always #WhippingHappiness.

P. S These blogs are actually going to be called #CupcakeHugs. Is there ANYTHING better ? I don’t think so!


Udaya Puli
(Author of her first ever blog, couldn’t be HAPPIER. I am literally having tears. )

ciel dessert bar
Udaya Puli
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